StudioWEID nominated with design proposal "De Aaltense Parel"

WEID is nominated for the design contest for the redesign of a monumental farmshed in the village of Aalten. The proposal is chosen amongst two other contrubutions. Wednesday, 3th of july studioWEID presented their design at the Aaltense Musea. A piece of the Jury report: "A very complete design. A museum of the future. Old and new are combined in very good way."

The outcome of the competition will be in the end of august.At Aaltense musea there is the possibility to vote. The contest is organized by OntwerpCampus.

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Saturday, September 8th: Update Kunshan Watertown

WEID is designing / redeveloping a watertown in Kunshan, near Shanghai. This town is part of the recreational green zone of the 'Kunshan Corridor', a more than 30 km long urban / landscape design proposal by Losstadomland. The goal in the first phase was to exemine the possibilities such as the function, scale and architecture.

In the newest proposal, the plan is focused on the redevelopment and expansion of the existing watertown. The function of the town is mainly recreation and leisure, with shops, restaurants, hotels, a theatre, etc. Also there is a waterroute to sail trhough the town, sports and a park.

Monday, May 14th: new project Groothandelscentrum Groningen

WEID is examinating a commercial site in Groningen, containing companies such as printing offices and logistic companies in large pilots. The architecture is unattractive and one-third of the space is empty. WEID is analysing the oppertunities of redeveloping the site to a modern, sustainable trading. The problem is devided in three main themes: the architecture of the buildings, the urban context and the identity of the site. One of the main design tasks is: can we transform the area into a united commercial area, affordable for entrepreneurs to rent and attractive for consumers to visit?

Thursday, April 19th: WEID mentioned in Architectuur Lokaal

In "Creativiteit is het fundament van onze toekomst", the alderman of urban development, Ludo van Campenhout mentiones WEID and LOS stadomland as one of the designers that are important in the urban development of Antwerp, together with architects such as Willem-Jan Neutelings and Claus & Kaan.

"Eerlijk is eerlijk: vooral dankzij de steun van archtiecten en stedebouwkundigen. Met Willem Jan Neutelings, Claus en Kaan, Buro Lubbers, Atelier Kempe Thill, WEID, LOS stad-om-land en MAXWAN om maar enkele namen te noemen. En er was jullie landgenoot René Daniëls, onze eerste stadsbouwmeester. Het is mede door hen en andere buitelandse en binnenlandse ontwerpers dat we in Antwerpen een mooi palmares kunnen presenteren.


Wednesday, March 7th: 3D plan visualisation entrance design Antwerp

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Friday, December 23th: movie Antwerpen published on

The visualisation of the design for a new entrance to the historic mould system in Antwerp is published on te website of the Flemish newspaper Nieuwsblad:

"ANTWERPEN- WEID, een groep jonge architecten uit Delft, en LOSstadomland, een Nederlands ontwerpbureau, hebben een nieuwe toegang tot de Antwerpse ruien bedacht en ontworpen. De Nederlanders toverden het gebouwtje onder schuine toegang tot het Zuiderterras virtueel om tot een moderne entree tot de oude ondergrondse kanaaltjes. De stad heeft daar geen opdracht toe gegeven, maar de ontwerpers hopen dat het idee enthousiast onthaald en gerealiseerd wordt ."


Friday, December 16th: new movie uploaded

Studio WEID uploaded its newest movie of the design proposition for the old brickworks in Westervoort. The visualisation shows how a new volume encloses the old stone base of the factory, making it into a iconic notable building. For more information abou the project click here.

Also check our other design proposal for the new entrance to the moulding system in Antwerp, also visualized in a movie. To see it, click here.



Friday, November 4th: excursion brickworks Wageningen

This Friday, Studio WEID went on excursion to the brickworks "De bovenste polder" in Wageningen, built in 1923. The transformation of this old factory into a multifunctional building with art studios and dwellings makes it very interesting. It teaches us in what kind of way we can use these beautiful buildings, mostly situated in a stunning landscape, for new destinations.

Studio WEID is currently making a design for similar (empty) brickworks in Westervoort, resarching the possibilites of different functions suitable in or around the building. Very interesting findings already have been made. We will keep you updated with the progress on this project.

Friday, October 14th: Studio WEID established

After a long period of speculation about forming a group to make designs and ideas for the "real world", it was in the late evening of the 7th october that Sol send us all an email, with the messege that can be freely translated as 'it's now or never'. And he was right. Two weeks later, after some long evenings of discussion and consultation, the name and formation were there.

We are four ambitious students Architecture, with a strong desire to create, wether is it a vision, a chair, a building or (if neceserry) a whole city. We think our study alone is not enough to teach us how to still this will to create. For more information about who and what we are, see 'about'.